Monday, January 14, 2013

Predictions: Bottom 6 Forwards

Next up, we will do predictions for the bottom 6 forwards.

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1) Matt Martin

4 goals

6 assists


After setting the league record for hits last season and a career high in goals and assists, Martin will come out with a solid offensive season.  With the increased toughness on the team I think his penalty minutes will see a small decrease because it isn't all up to him anymore.

2) David Ullstrom

7 goals

5 assists

12 points

Ullstrom was solid in his cup of coffee with the team last season.  After having more time in Bridgeport to fine tune his game I think Ullstrom will build on his stats last season during this shortened campaign.

3) Eric Boulton

0 goals

1 assist

100 PIMS

Boulton wont contribute much when in the lineup, but he will serve his role as the teams new Trevor Gillies well.

4) Marty Reasoner

3 goals

2 assists

5 points

Reasoner will be solid at faceoffs and serve as a good mentor for the young players in this shortened season.

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5) Jesse Joensuu

10 goals

5 assists

15 points

After having a solid season during the lockout, although a little banged up Joensuu will finally be able to translate his game up here.

6) Casey Cizikas

6 goals

10 assists

16 points

After a brief time with the big club last season, I could see Casey putting up a similar pace of points as he did with the big club last season.  The additional time in Bridgeport has done nothing but help him.

Guys who may see time:

1) Colin McDonald

3 goals

5 assists

8 points

McDonald is an AHL veteran and has put up solid numbers in his career in the AHL.  With the expected injuries in this shortened season I could see McDonald get a look and not look out of place.

2) Josh Bailey

5 goals

7 assists

12 points

In this injury shortened season, although it will be short for him I think he will be productive.

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