Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nassau Politicians Continue To Show Incompetence

Nassau County Comptroller, George Maragos made headlines in local papers today when he said that he thought Nassau County would be better off if the NHL lockout didn't end.  This is the same guy who told Newsday back in September that, "it wont be the end of the world if the county doesnt have a hockey team."

When speaking of the lockout Maragos had this to say, "If they actually cancel the season, we may be a little better off because the Islanders are not a big draw compared to other events."  Maragos also downplayed the economic impact of not having anything at the Coliseum right now saying that if the season were canceled that the county was looking at losses of $500,000 or less.  This is after Newsday recently reported that surrounding businesses were losing up to over $100,000 per month without Islander games going on.

Isnt it scary that an elected official is this out of touch with the area he's elected to represent?


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