Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BREAKING: Nino is Seeking a Trade From the Islanders

Update: According to Arthur Staple, the agent for Nino Niederreiter confirmed that he asked the Islanders for a trade.  However, to their dismay Staple reports that the team will not move him.


According to Katie Strang from ESPN NY, the camp for Islanders prospect and Bridgeport leading scorer Nino Niederreiter is seeking a trade from the Islanders because their un happy with the current situation.

After spending the entire season last year on the 4th line with Marty Reasoner and Jay Pandolfo and only putting up one goal, Nino has been in the AHL this entire season.  When NHL training camp started again it was a surprise to many that Nino wasn't among the prospects called up for camp because of his great performance in Bridgeport up to that point.  When Garth Snow was questioned on this he said that it was more conducive for Nino to be in Bridgeport getting top line minutes and playing in all kinds of situations versus playing here.

Nino can handle this one of two ways now, he can either use it to motivate him through the rest of this season into camp next year.  Or he could complain like these reports suggest and try and "force" his way out of here.


It will be interesting to see how Garth handles this.  He can either tell Nino to suck it up and hope he uses this to motivate him for camp next year.  Or he could try and use Nino as part of a package to acquire a piece to expedite this rebuild along a little bit.

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