Tuesday, November 20, 2012

REPORT: Donald Monti To Be Awarded Nassau "Hub" Project

According to the LIBN, developer Donald Monti and his firm Renaissance Downtowns were picked by Nassau County to be the master developers of the Nassau "Hub" site which by now we know as the land that the Nassau Coliseum sits on.  Ed Mangano is expected to announce this news tomorrow the report says.

If you remember in an interview with islanderspointblank.com Monti was the first of the developers vying for the property to declare that he was intent on keeping the Islanders here in Nassau.  This is of course was before the news of the teams relocation to Brooklyn came out.

This isn't the only interesting aspect of this, on top of this Bruce Ratner the owner of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn was selected to provide a report to Nassau County on how to best market the Coliseum.  It is interesting as to why Ratner would be interested in doing this for the county.

More to come as news breaks


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