Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Isles Say Goodbye To Nassau County

Update 2: The Islanders name and logo will remain unchanged with this move which is a major plus.

Update: Wang confirms a 25 year lease for the New York Islanders in Brooklyn.  Bruce Ratner confirms that Wang had offers to move the team out of state, but refused to do that.

According to newsday and various other news outlets, the Islanders will be saying goodbye to the Nassau Coliseum come July 31st 2015 and be moving to the newly opened Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

This news comes as Ed Mangano was getting ready to announce his plan for jobs at "the hub" and to keep the Islanders.  Guess Nassaus waiting finally did them in!  Additionally, this is 40 years to the month that the Islanders began playing at the Coliseum.

Watch the press conference here

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