Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wang: Safe To Assume Snow/Capuano To Return Next Season!

Prior to this afternoons game against the Senators, Islanders owner Charles Wang was interviewed by announcer Howie Rose.

In the interview, Wang mentioned that there is nothing new to report on a new arena and our expected location post 2015.

What I wanted to focus on was that he said Garth Snow and Jack Capuano will be returning next season. While I am not surprised on Garth as he is Wangs yes man and will never be let go. I am kind of surprised on Capuano.

While I didn't disagree with them for keeping him on this year, I think he shouldve been let go after this season with us once again getting a lottery pick. He works in a results oriented business and didn't achieve results. Although one can argue that the Islanders don't believe in this motto since Garth Snow still has his job even after 5 straight years of lottery picks.

By keeping specifically Capuano on, it shows the team was ok with the results this season. If the upper management is ok with these results then the fans and players are in trouble because that means things wont be changing much anytime soon. If they wanted to show a true care for winning they would've went out and looked for a coach with experience. Acquiring a coach of that caliber wouldn't have only helped them on the ice, it would've helped them off the ice with fans and as well as free agents because it shows a commitment to winning that has been previously lacked here.

Hopefully that statement from Wang was just an April Fools joke for the fans by Wang, but something tells me it was serious.

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