Monday, April 2, 2012

Isles lowballing PA? Yes According To Newsday!

According to Arthur Staple of Newsday free agent to be PA Parenteau is seeking a 4 year deal worth 4 million dollars per year. Staple says that the Islanders want him back but on their terms which Staple says means less years and dollars.

Based off other contracts that have been handed out this season (see Ales Hemsky and Tuomo Ruutu) PA seeking 4 million per isn't an outlandish demand at all. It is more then reasonable in fact as it is less then the two aforementioned players received who don't have stats as good as PAs are this season.

However, the fact that the Islanders see this as to much is a bit concerning. Instead of focusing on giving the player a fair contract based off his production. Production keep in mind that before last season we haven't seen around here in a really long time. They are more focused on penny pinching, and people wonder why groups like the Islanders Fans For Change site that I just added to the side bar pop up.

When the management is raising ticket prices after lottery finishes and taking away season ticket holder perks, you expect them to add to the team so maybe they can finally take the next step. Not subtract from the team because the teams second leading scorer wouldn't take a low ball offer from them.

Hopefully they stop penny pinching to this extent and are able to reach a compromise because if they don't I think we will be in a bit of trouble come next season.

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