Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ten Years Later

If you didn't know, today, well yesterday was the ten year anniversary of the Shawn Bates playoff penalty shot goal in 2001/2002 vs the Maple-Leafs.  That goal sent the Coliseum into a tizzy, and according to some the Coliseum didn't reach noise levels like that again til the night we drafted Tavares.  Quite the opposite of end of the spectrum there, right?  Well I guess that can show how the teams decade went.  In the beginning of the decade being involved in one of the most intense playoff series ever, and by the end having the draft party in large part be the highlight of the season.

With all the crap going on with the team check out the video below of the play and escape for two minutes back to a time when everything was better. (Watching this video to this day still gives me chills)

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