Friday, April 27, 2012

BREAKING: Isles/Rangers Have Agreement That Would Let The Isles Move To Brooklyn

Within the last hour, Randi Marshall of newsday broke the news that the Islanders and Rangers have an agreement in place that would allow the Islanders to move to Brooklyn. 

This is coming after Kate Murray made some comments to a newsday reporter earlier today about the Coliseum situation, basically giving her and the town board a big pat on the back like normal and in the last paragraph questioning the Rangers response should the Islanders move to Brooklyn.  Well this news proves what we all already know that she has about as good a pulse on this situation as some random person from out west.

Given the fact that by the day I have less and less faith in Nassau news like this is certainly nice to hear.!/randimarshall/status/196053202578321408


  1. As a random person living out west you would be surprised to learn how much we actually do hear about NHL teams who have arena issues

  2. Oh, I am sure you guys do, but you understood what I meant saying that though right?