Monday, August 1, 2011

Today is the day!!

(Hopefully this arena will be coming to a parking lot near you soon!)

Well, it is finally upon us Islander fans! The day we have been both dreading & anticipating since May 11th when the bond referendum was announced. It is what all our arguing in Newsday comment sections & message boards has been for. Today is the day when it is decided weather or not we take a step forward in the quest to finally get us a long deserved overdue new Nassau Coliseum!

Polling places open at 6AM and are open until 9AM. Around 60,000 Nassau residents got a card in the mail informing them that their polling place had been changed for this election. If you didn't recieve a card then you are to go to your regular polling place in order to vote tomorrow.

Not only should you go out and vote, but along with you take neighbors, friends, & family. Believe it or not there is opposition to this which we have shown you all many times in this venue. The key is I feel the proponents of this deal are the more motivated ones & that is why I have some cautious optimism going into tomorrow. Don't think your vote doesn't matter or something like that because it does. EVERY VOTE IS CRITICAL!!!

I hope all of our readers who are registered in Nassau County go out today & cast a YES vote so our quest to get a new Coliseum lives on, but further so the future of Nassau County doesn't take a major hit!

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