Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A peak at how Nassau Residents think!!!

According to a recent newsday article from a couple days ago, Aqua has withdrawn its proposal to build a water tower in Wantagh because of opposition from the community. the purpose of the tower was to enhance the water pressure for many homes throughout Wantagh. One of the main reason people from the community opposed it because they thought the 150 ft tower would be an eye sore in the community. Later in the article they say they would be willing to pay more in taxes, the article said around $5 per year for a secondary solution that doesn't include the tower. So for now I guess they will just suffer with crappy water pressure!!

The purpose of this entry is to show you that people of Nassau County are willing to pay $5 more in taxes per year for something that didn't have to cost anything but wasn't wanted. But they aren't willing to pay $13.80 to maintain and enhance the countys quality of life!!! Does this not speak volumes about a majority of people that reside in Nassau County? It boggled my mind when I read this article, you can read it by clicking the link below.

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