Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Islanders, Sleepers In the East?? Kevin Allen thinks so!!

Today, in an article for USA Today, Kevin Allen said he thought our New York Islanders would be a sleeper team to come out of the Eastern Conference. He listed 8 different points as to why he thought it to be and you can view those by clicking the link to his story on the bottom of this entry.

Although I am hopeful, as things sit right this minute early on August 9th I don't feel as though the Islanders are a playoff team. I however feel they have done enough to get out of the lottery assuming they stay healthy. If the season started tomorrow i'd predict them to finish anywhere between 18th & 24th in the NHL. However if they are able to add a top 4 dman that so many have been craving for many months here in Isles Country I think it will give them a pretty damn good shot of making the playoffs, again assuming everyone is healthy & they don't trot Rick Dipietro out there to much!!


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