Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now its up to a new level!!

Now, not only are Penguins writers & one NBC sports writer complaining about the Islanders having a viewing party at Champions to watch the Islanders Penguins brawl game from 2/11 this Friday, people on CNN are complaining about it to. That's right, a major NEWS network is complaining about the NY Islanders having a viewing party with their fans. This is a team that many feel isn't even relevant but that's beside the point.

At a time when were under a constant terrorist threat, involved in two wars, in debt up to our eye balls, and 1 month away from the 10 year anniversary of the most heinous terrorist actions taken against our country all the people can talk about on a major news station is an Islander viewing party? Really? The people on the show say their producer is a Hockey fan and that's how they bought it up. To me this is something you talk about in the green room. Not something you talk about on the air.

They need to prioritize what they spend air time talking about because I am sure there is many other things on a state & national level they could talk about rather then spending time bashing the Islanders for the game they choose to have a viewing party with their fans with.

To some extent I think the overreaction by many on the Internet over this is funny. However, its now nearing the point where I shake my head and say what the hell is wrong with the world. Its one thing when you have Penguin fans/writers playing the victim which is something they get from their owner, but when you have a national news station spending time to bash the team on this. I mean as I said before there's plenty of stuff to talk about, this should be a non story but thanks to some butt hurt pens fans and others our national news stations are now spending time bashing the Islanders for having viewing parties rather then informing us of local and national news. Exactly what you want to see on major news stations right?

Below is a link to the video of the two guys on CNN talking about this:^2179593752047^^


  1. It's obviously a slow day for CNN. I hate to say it, but that's why CNN isn't what it used to be. FOX News has been smacking them down in the ratings. CNN has become boring, and that is coming from a registered Democrat. The funny thing is, all this publicity is just going to bring more people out to watch it. I hope the Isles don't back down and cancel the event. Isles fans have been knocked down recently, at least let them have something to go out and cheer about.

  2. I agree, I think its going to be crowded!! I can see like 300-50 hundred people showing up!! I am not sure yet weather or not I will be going, may have other plans that night.