Monday, August 15, 2011

NHL to stop Isles from hosting the viewing party??

According to Kevin Allen of USA today, the NHL is going to look into the Islanders promotion of Friday nights viewing party at Champions to watch the re-airing of the Islanders Penguins brawl game from Feb. 11th.

NHL deputy Commissioner Bill Daly had this to say when questioned on the party, "We do not approve of the use, based on what we know."

I personally feel that if the NHL tells the Islanders to not host the party, while that may take away the raffles that doesn't prevent the fans from going to Champions on Friday. I say that if the Islanders aren't allowed to host it that Islander fans still head to Champions on Friday and pack the place & be loud and cheer!! The only way the NHL can stop us from going to Champions to view the game is if they put security outside Champions with orders to not let us in. Do you think they'll do that? I don't!! Tell the NHL and all the butt hurt pens fans and media that your tried to prevent this from happening but not only did it happen, it was louder and better then it would've been had the Isles hosted it!!

In closing I guess the Islanders should prepare a list of games for the NHL to approve of for them to show at viewing parties in the future, since it seems as though they don't have the freedom to show what they want & need league approval to show certain games.

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