Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It has been far worse.

Seems like the recent new 3rd jersey is just about official so lets start the debate.  You are always going to have opinions coming from both sides but it has been worse.  It may look nice on the boys but 3rd jersey should not mean that much.  Just the Isles trying to make a few bucks from fans buying the new look and perhaps just trying something new.  Why not right?  This new black theme look kills the nightmare of the fisherman.  Lets see how this jersey looks and plays out,  we may start to fall for it.

NOTE:  Whats your thought on again the new banner?  This is here to stay now, thats safe to say.  My buddy was kind enough to make it for us the other day.  Leave a comment or contact us through Twitter, Thanks

The New Look 3rd Jersey
(Sorry To Hurt Your Eyes Readers)


  1. I think if the rumored Isles 3rd jersey is true, it COULD (not a 100% guarantee) be more of an indication they're interested in moving the team to Queens. The color scheme for the rumored 3rd jersey is the same as the Mets black jersey except grey. But grey is the primary color for the Mets away jersey.

  2. its an idea but that might can be a stretch. Sure it sounds good but I do not think the Isles would come up with a 3rd jersey to resemble and copy the mets uniform. Its an idea and many people have though of it but i just cannot see it being true, but you never know!