Friday, June 10, 2011

Mike Repole would like to own a team!!

Today, while being interviewed on WFAN radio, Mike Repole, the founder of vitamin water said in the future that he would like to own a sports team, preferably a NY sports team. He mentioned the Mets, Jets, & our Islanders.

Its always good to know that we have local options around to keep us here should stuff not go in Wangs favor and he decides to sell.

Mike Repole is the founder of Vitamin water who ended up selling it to Coca Cola for a crazy amount of money and according to recent reports he is worth over 1 billion dollars.

You can click the link below to listen to his interview with Mike Francessa on WFAN today: (when you get on the page scroll down a little bit and click on Mike Repole)


  1. He was the guest speaker at St John graduation this year and he brought up wanting to buy a team there but it was only the mets he mentioned then. The guys worth bank tho hes now one of the heads of pirate booty and a couple other companies.

  2. wants to own a NY team which is key. and ya money is not a problem with him