Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gillies/Haley expected back, not Konopka!!

According to Chris Botta, expect both Trevor Gillies and fan favorite Michael Haley to be bought back on 2 way deals prior to July 1st. However Botta also says that he doesn't expect another fan favorite in Zenon Konopka to be bought back. He says there have been no contract negotiations between Z's agent and the team.

I personally have no issues with Gillies being brought back on a two way deal. I know some people think hes useless and a waste of space however as a 13th forward playing maybe 20 games in a season how can you complain? Hes very respected by his teammates as well as management and hes quickly become one of the top fighters in the NHL.

Haley was a must resign in my opinion after the show he put on at the end of last season. Starting with the Penguins game and culminating with him making Sean Avery taste blood in that last Ranger game. Unlike Konopka and Gillies though Haley has some offensive upside which we saw shine through a couple times last year in the goals he scored. Most notably his goal in his first game of his season when he undressed Kris Letang. Haleys going to be a fan favorite ala Steve Webb in these parts for a while.

I think its unfortunate that Konopka probably won't be back. I personally was hoping he would be back, however I am not surprised that he won't be. Z was a warrior for us last year and was the leader in our change in culture and was one of the driving forces behind the Penguin game on 2/11. If Z has truly played his last game in an Islander uniform I wish him all the best because hes someone who leaves it all on the ice every game and I respect that.

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