Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Hoff Watch

This will be a running thread with all updates on the Christian Ehrhoff situation until he is either signed or it is announced that we couldn't sign him.

7:10PM - There is some speculation in the twitter world among NHL writers that the NHL may look at the Ehrhoff contract because of how front loaded it is. Similar to the way they looked at Kovalchuks initial contract with the Devils last summer.

7:02PM - The contract has now been confirmed! According to Bob McKenzie hes getting 18 million in the first two years of the contract. I am sorry but that is a crazy front load right there!! Horrible contract for Buffalo!!

6:35PM - According to Bob McKenzie, Ehrhoff has reportedly signed with Buffalo. The contract is reported a 10 year deal worth 40 million, however its believed to be heavily frontloaded.

Now I understand why he didn't sign with us, because there is no way that he is worth a 10 year deal!!

Rob: I disgree with Scott on this one. The Isles seemed to have a very fair offer on the table. Christian had no interest in signing here, so that's it. Send him on the way. Good job Garth and company for going for it. This was a clear sign that they are not kidding when they say, they have the money and will be aggressive. Thumbs Up!

11:35PM - According to Nick Kyrpoes of the Islanders offered Ehrhoff 6 years 33 million.

Thats a pretty fair offer, however I would've went up to 6 million per and if need be frontloaded it. You can't let a marquee free agent like this go because you refsue to front load a contract!

9:16PM - According to Chris Botta we refused to front load the contract to Ehrhoff which is something the Sabres GM said he has the owners blessing to do. This seems like why we didn't land our man, so now the blame goes to the Islanders. Bad job by them letting the guy get away because they wouldn't front load the deal.

8:55PM - If you haven't seen yet, we have traded the rights to Ehrhoff to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a fourth round pick. So basically the last 25 hours have costed us nothing in terms of assets.

5:22PM - Here are the latest tweets from Katie:

Both BD Gallof and Chris Botta think we will still remain active in the free agent market, and the fact that we were willing to give Ehrhoff so much is evidence that were willing to spend.

4:23PM - According to Newsday talks with Ehrhoff have officially broken off!! I guess it was to good to be true that a good proven player may actually sign here!

2:12PM - According to Chris Botta the Islanders have made their pitch to Ehrhoff which included a call from Michael Grabner endorsing Long Island. Botta said we should hear sometime in the next few hours if Ehrhoff wants to accept Snows long term deal believed to be worth in the neighborhood of 6 million per year, become a UFA, or sleep on it and decide thursday. As always well keep you updated!

3:50am - Well nothing tonight as expected, if I had to guess expect to hear something mid afternoon tomorrow. I will be on updating from the time I wake up tomorrow til he actually signs.

1:36am - Let Ehrhoff know we want him on the Island

1:15am - The latest from Katie Strang was that numbers had been discussed & that the money will be there & its likely going to come down to weather or not he wants to play on LI.


  1. Not going to lie kind of got my hopes up here... coming back from dinner last night checking twitter I was like HOLY BEJEEBUS.. realistically thinking I didn't think we had a chance but a man can dream right?

    I don't blame Ehrhoff.. The guy might just really legitly want to test the free agent waters and so be it, it's his right after playing a certain amount of years. Either way AWESOME move by Snow win-win situation. Love the aggressiveness AND kind of proves the Isles were serious last year about offers to Martin, Volchenkov etc.. Hope from our perspective Wang doesn't do something ridiculous for his arena and UFA hopes.

  2. haha yes when i was first heard of the news, i got very excited. My hopes were that they were going to sign him. As time went on I realized the chances looked awfully slim.

    Garth played this situation right, he went for it and should be applauded and he will. He showed us the fans and around the league that the Isles are serious and are here to stay.