Thursday, June 30, 2011

George Marlin must step down!!

If you don't know George Marlin is currently a NIFA director and has been outspoken with his opposition to the Coliseum referendum since it was announced last month.

In his latest attempt to bash the referendum, it was reported by BD Gallof and Nick Giglia that Mr. Marlin was recently seen at a tea party event bashing the referendum.

I am doing this entry today to join Nick & BD in their attempt to put pressure on Marlin to step down from office for, "His personal politics are not in the spirit to the NIFA vision or policies and have skewed his role...his attempts to affect policies and issues even before they reach NIFA is outrageous and unacceptable."

If you would like to let your opinion be known on the unprofessional actions of Mr. Marlin you can call NIFA at:

(516) 248-2828 or email them at!/BDGallof/status/86552150292967424!/BDGallof/status/86552451729199104

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