Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Details On Okposo.Grabner a Goner?

Yesterday, more details came to light on the bombshell report that the Islanders could in fact be shopping star winger and John Tavares linemate Kyle Okposo.

Pierre McGuire reported that the Islanders were frustrated with Okposo's playoff performance.  Okposo had 3 points in the Islanders 7 game defeat against the Capitals.  McGuire describes Okposo as, "...I think that it's one of those where if they were able to hit the motherload..."

I'm not sure I buy this as it reeks of an easy excuse rather than the truth.  

Meanwhile, Darren Dreger confirmed that Okposo is indeed available but that the Islanders would need a substantial return to move the winger.

I am torn on this pretty badly.  While I of course want to keep Okposo for the long haul, if he is in fact looking for a deal in the neighborhood of what the Islanders offered Thomas Vanek, I don't believe that is something they can hand out at this time.  I am also curious how other teams value Okposo given the serious nature of his eye injury last season.  This will definitely be interesting to follow as we get deeper in the summer toward training camp.

Grabner on the Move?

If it feels like we have talked about this repeatedly over the last few months it is because we have.  In a recent twitter Q&A with fans, Arthur Staple from Newsday once again reported that Grabner is in fact on the trade block.  This time he went a step further as he assessed his value at a mid round draft pick or another teams unwanted contract.

It would not surprise me at all if Grabner finds himself in another sweater before the start of next season.  With his health issues and the Islanders increased depth up front Grabner has lost his spot in the lineup.

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