Friday, June 26, 2015

BREAKING: ISLES Trade Reinhart To Oilers For Picks

photo by ESPN

After years of speculation, it finally happened.  Tonight, the Islanders traded former number 4 overall pick Griffin Reinhart to the Edmonton Oilers for a first and second round pick in the draft.  The Islanders had been without first and second round picks due to the Thomas Vanek trade and the Johnny Boychuk trade respectively.  

It had been rumored on and off for years that the Oilers were interested in Reinhart so them as his destination shouldn't come as a surprise.

I know on the surface it doesn't look like a sexy return for a former top 5 pick just three years ago.  However, this was on a similar level to what the Bruins got for Dougie Hamilton.  All be it very different situations, however, even so, when thinking of it like that Garth Snow should be applauded.

Some may that the Islanders didn't give Reinhart a chance to develop as defensemen traditionally take longer to develop then forwards.  However, it was pretty evident to anyone that saw Reinhart this year that he was very slow on his skates and without tremendous improvement in that area he would never really fit in the up tempo system the Islanders play. 

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