Saturday, May 2, 2015

Isles Not Striving To Be Better

A couple days ago, it was announced that all the Islanders coaches would be returning next season.  This came as a disappointment for most fans who were hoping for at least a few changes behind the bench after the bad end to the Islanders season and rightfully so.
While an argument could be made in favor of Jack Capuano, the teams poor second half and atrocious effort in game 7 should've been enough to sink his chances to return next season, in my opinion at least.  An argument may be able to be made for Jack Capuano, but none can be made in favor of Doug Weight or Greg Cronin.  The 0-14 playoff power play should've been enough to sink Weight alone and send him to a front office only position.  Meanwhile, some have said that with the improvements of the penalty kill in the last two months Cronin deserved another year.  I have a few responses to that.  One being that even with the improvement they still finished in the bottom half of the league.  They really showed no overall improvement from Brent Thompson and they finished right in line with where the Maple Leafs penalty kill finished under Cronin.  All that doesn't suggest to me that they will be better next season, it suggests to me that Snow was fooled off two months of good play.

I recently said what the team did with the coaching staff would be a test if they wanted spend money on experienced coaches to help the team take the next step or if they wanted to continue to try and strike gold.  Based off this decision, it seems like they unfortunately went for the latter.

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