Friday, March 27, 2015

Delays Ahead For Ratner Coliseum Proposal?

I know that when you see a headline like that you immediately assume that politics are once again rearing their ugly head on the area known as "The Hub."  However, this time you would be incorrect, according to a report from the Long Island Business News.

LIBN is reporting that a disagreement between Bruce Ratners Forest City Ratner and Ed Blumenfelds Blumenfeld Development Group could end up in court and delay the process of developing this land indefinitely.  It is being reported that the disagreement is over the scope of retail and entertainment that will be part of the project.

In July 2013, it was announced that Blumenfeld had joined Ratners proposal after his own was eliminated by Nassau County executive Ed Mangano.  This was one month before Mangano chose Ratners proposal as the one for the property over a competing proposal from rival MSG and James Dolan.

If something like this happening surprises you then you haven't been paying much attention over the years.  While I am surprised that politics isn't playing a role in this, the fact that there are delays should be expected.  Unless this dispute gets settled in a timely manner, events booked for the Coliseum that were announced last week may have been announced prematurely.

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