Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Barclays Center Can Opt Out of Isles Deal After 5 Years

According to Newsday, Nassau County officials are saying that Barclays Center is able to opt out of their lease deal with the Islanders after 5 years.  If you recall, the Islanders announced in October 2012 that they had signed a 25 year lease to play at the state of the art arena.
However, since then there have been many conspiracy theories and such which saw the team coming back to Nassau County.

There had long been rumors about the Barclays Center lease, now having this confirmed will add fuel to the fire for those who think the team may come back one day.

While I still don't think they will come back, this does add a wrinkle to things.  I wouldn't get your hopes up of the Barclays Center people opting out of the deal, however, crazier things have happened I guess.

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  1. "Nassau County Officials" are saying what? I'd love to believe it and the Islanders are one of my most dearest connections to being here and living on LI. Sadly that will disappear and my passion for this place will begin to slowly wither away. While they definitely should be continuing to play at the Nassau Coliseum and we as Long Islanders are worthy of NHL hockey out here! - "Nassau County Officials" have a terrible reputation and can't really be trusted with anything whether that be due to greed, corruption, incompetence or all three.