Monday, February 16, 2015

Islanders Fall to Rangers, Refs

Tonight, our Islanders were defeated by a score of 6-5.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Halak certainly didn't bring his "A" game tonight.  He played like a goalie who was tired, it should benefit him greatly to have the next few days off.

-While Halak wasn't good, the defense in front of him was equally as bad.  It was amateur hour in their zone tonight, and that can't happen.

-I have been hard on Greg Cronin on here over the last few weeks, so to be fair, tonight it is Doug Weights turn.  The performance of the power play tonight, the first unit in particular was absolutely atrocious.  They rarely got the puck in the zone, let alone got any chances on net.  I don't know if he needs to switch up personal or if he needs to go back into that ginormous playbook he supposedly has, but he has to do something.  Efforts like we saw tonight, particularly from the first unit is simply unacceptable.

-The officiating was maddeningly inconsistent tonight.  How in the world is that tripping call on Hamonic made at the end of the second period, then those some officials come out in the third and let Tavares get boarded without a call and Boychuk get tripped on the way to the Rangers tying goal.  I guess this is another way for them to tell us you may be good, but you haven't gotten there yet.

-Why is this team seemingly allergic to two goal leads?  Earlier in the year it was three goal leads but now it seems like it is two goal leads.  This is the third game in a row that the Islanders have blown one.  Tonight they didn't just blow one, they blew three, that is unacceptable!

-One of the positives to come out of tonight is the performance of Ryan Strome who had another two goals.  This gives him three goals in the last two games.  After cooling for a while, it is good to see him get it going again.  Maybe he can give some aid to Brock Nelson and help him get out of his funk that he has been in the better part of the last six weeks.

-Also, after the loss tonight, can Brian Strait finally go back to the press box.  I called for this on Saturday and Capuano kept him in tonight.  While he wasn't awful, he wasn't good either.  Barring injury, Strait should spend the remainder of the season in a suit and tie.

To come out and score five goals and not get a point is very disappointing.  Especially against a team like the one they played tonight.  They need to put this game in the review mirror and not let it frazzle them though.  Tomorrow's game just became huge as the standings grew a little bit closer tonight.

Next Game: Tomorrow 7:00 @ Carolina

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