Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another Day, Another Blown 3 Goal Lead

Tonight, in possibly their worst loss of the season to date, the Islanders fell 4-3 to the Buffalo Sabres in a shootout.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-While Kevin Poulin looked good for the first two periods, the third period was amateur hour.  Could the defense have done more to help him?  Maybe in some spots, but the goalie still needs to make a save.  That is something Poulin failed repeatedly to do in the third period and it really cost the Islanders.

-Good to see Tavares put up two goals tonight.  You could tell from the outset that he was on his game tonight.  The move by him on his first goal was pretty impressive.

-Even with the changes made to the power play lineup struggles were still there.  They even gave up a short handed goal for the first time this year.  I don't know what Doug Weight needs to do, but he needs to do something.

-Contrary to the power play, the penalty kill was actually very effective tonight.

-While the kid line didn't have their best game, they certainly weren't bad.  The lack of ice time for Anders Lee tonight really stuck out for me as odd.  He didn't do anything to my eye that deserved a benching and he didn't seem to be injured.  For him to only play a little over 8 minutes doesn't make sense.

This was a game coming out the break the Islanders had to win.  Losing it, especially like this is unacceptable!  Some say bad things happen and to move on, however, repeatedly blowing three goal leads which the team has now done is concerning and something that absolutely needs to be addressed.

Next Game: Monday @ Home vs Washington

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