Friday, October 3, 2014

Predictions: Goalies

Today, we will conclude our pre season predictions by discussing the goalies.

photo by zimbio

1) Jaroslav Halak

27 wins

19 loses


Halak will provide something for the Islanders that they haven't had in quite a while.  A stable and reliable goalie between the pipes.  This will be a welcomed change for both the Islanders and their fans this season.

2) Chad Johnson

13 wins

9 loses


For those days where Halak needs a rest, Johnson will be a more then adequate option.  After his season last year, Johnson proved to be one of the better backup goalies in the entire NHL and the Islanders will be lucky to have him this season.

Guys Who Could See Time:

photo by ilovegoalies

1) Kevin Poulin

1 wins

4 loses


In the event of an injury, Poulin will likely be the first call up from Bridgeport.  This is a key year for Poulin, if he doesn't continue his development this could be his last season in the Islanders organization.

2) David Leggio

0 wins

1 loss


Leggio was signed on July 1st to provide goalie depth in Bridgeport with the loss of Anders Nilsson overseas and Ken Reiter leaving as a free agent.  He will do that, and he will do it effectively as well if his career is any indication.  He might even get a chance to start a game in the NHL at some point in the season.

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