Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pitiful Effort, Pitiful Officials Doom Isles

Tonight, our Islanders had their win streak snapped at 2 as they fell to the Winnipeg Jets by a score of 4-3.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-I don't know why Halak is a slow starter, but he needs to figure his issues out sooner rather than later because he needs to be better.  There is no simpler way of putting it than that.

-Matt Donovan should see the ice on Thursday over Strait if Hamonic is still unable to go.  Strait just isn't good enough to be a top-6 defenseman on this team.

-The officials were horribly inconsistent tonight to the point where it was maddening.  The fact that the game was altered not because of the players but a call by the officials is wrong.  That major call on Kulemin at the start of the second period changed the game as it took away the Islanders momentum from period one.  The hit did look bad but barely any contact was made on the hit so for a major to be called on it was a stretch.  Also, Conacher with a breakaway in the third period gets tripped and no penalty is called, it is just mind boggling to me the lack of consistency on the part of the officials.

-The team needs to improve in their own zone.  I have lost count of how many times I have said this already this season and we are only 9 games in.  At times, they are a real mess in their zone and they are fortunate that it hasn't come back to bite them more than it has.

-One of the few bright spots from the game tonight was a multi point outing for Brock Nelson who is now tied for the team lead in points.

-They always need to bring their highest level of effort.  However, tonight, much like last Tuesday in the loss to the Leafs it was really lacking in the effort department which doesn't reflect well on the coaching staff.

The Islanders were outplayed for a majority of the second and third period by the Jets.  At times in the third not even being able to break out of their own zone.  This game also goes down as their second lackluster at best effort in one weeks time.  If this lackluster play continues, we will find out how short Garth Snows leash is for Capuano before he makes a change.

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