Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fans Getting Screwed on Tickets For Tomorrows Game

Earlier this year, tickets for the Islanders game tomorrow night in Brooklyn against the Devils went on sale and as one would expect seats in premium locations were getting premium prices of over $100 per seat.

Well, now, here we sit the day before the game and the face value of the tickets has been cut.  Those same seats that people paid 100+ dollars for back in April can now be had on ticketmaster for as cheap as $92 per seat.  For some people that is a pretty big difference from what they paid.

I have never heard of this happening before where the face value of tickets for a game were cut before the game.  You never hear about this for obvious reasons because by doing this you are telling the people who bought them in advance they don't matter and essentially screwing them over.  Nick, 31, from Port Jefferson, who was among those that bought tickets months ago said, "It isn't right that I bought them so far in advance for a premium price and days before the game, rows in front of me are 50 dollars cheaper than what I had paid."

I don't know if it is the Islanders or Barclays Center who are in charge of this but regardless something needs to be done because this is wrong on so many levels.

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