Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Price of Parking Going Up At the Coliseum?

Update: According to a season ticket holder on twitter, they confirmed with their ticket rep that parking will in fact be $15 this year like we speculated last night.

Going into the last season at the Coliseum, fans may need to pay a little more to park their cars before they enter the arena to see the Islanders play.

This afternoon, I received the information about pre paid parking passes for season ticket holders for next season.  The preferred parking pass will cost season ticket holders $445 plus a $15 shipping charge.  In the letter from the Islanders they say this is approximately a 30% savings.  That would suggest that the price of parking has gone up because at that price using last years price of $12 per game it would be only be around an 11% savings.  For the prices given by the team to be near a 30% savings it would mean price of parking is now $14 or $15 dollars.

I'm not aware if these potential increases mean the price of the $8 lot will be going up as well.

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