Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bettman's Half Brother Was Advisor In Failed Islanders Sale

According to the New York Post, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's half brother Jeffrey Pollack was an advisor for Andrew Barroway in his failed attempt to purchase the New York Islanders from Charles Wang for 420 million dollars.  On Monday, Barroway filed suit against Wang claiming that he backed out of an agreement they had made in which Barroway's company NY Ice would've purchased 100% of the Islanders from Wang for 420 million dollars and Wang would've acquired 25% of Barroways company NY Ice.

According to the article, "...Barroway hired Jeffrey Pollack several months ago after reaching a handshake deal to buy the club from owner Charles Wang for 420 million..."  This was Pollack's first time working on the sale of an NHL team the article said.  He previously was an executive for the World Series of Poker and in 2012 helped Robert Pera purchase the Memphis Grizzles NBA team.

If Barroway's lawsuit isn't settled quick, this could make the holidays in the Bettman family pretty awkward.

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