Saturday, July 19, 2014

SaveTheIsles Chats With Islander Prospect Devon Toews

Would like to thank Devon on taking the time and being so generous in our conversation.  We wish him all the best in the future!

(STI) When did you start playing hockey? Was it something you picked up on your own, or did someone influence you?

(Toews) I started playing when I was 3 years old and loved it ever since. My parents took me public skating for the first time and I could skate by myself after just a few minutes on skates.

(STI) While growing up, did you play any other sports that maybe helped enhanced your hockey ability?

(Toews) I was a baseball fanatic growing up until it was time to choose one or the other and I choose hockey. Baseball has given be great hand-eye coordination that helps in hockey.

(STI) How would you describe your game to someone who's never seen you play? With that being said, what do you consider your strengths and weaknesses?

(Toews) I feel I play an offensive game without taking too many risks or sacrificing defense. My strengths are puck moving, hockey IQ and my active stick. Weaknesses are overall body strength and shot as I have been a small guy growing up I am starting to build strength now.

(STI) Is this your first time being in New York, specifically Long Island? If so, what are your thoughts about the area?

(Toews) This is my first time being in Long Island and it is pretty cool. Being from B.C. I love the trees and there is a good amount of trees here as well which makes it feel a bit like home.

(STI) When reflecting on this season, what are your thoughts on your first year in college hockey?

(Toews) My first year at Quinnipiac was a great experience. I feel I developed a lot as a player as well as a person and got to play on great team with players that taught me a lot. The education side was great as well.

(STI) Any thoughts about the multitude of changes happening on your old team the Surrey Eagles?

(Toews) It is frustrating to see a lot of the people that were there for our RBC run are gone.There are a lot of good people in that organization but i understand it is a business and things happen. I thank them a lot for allowing me to be a part of the organization.

(STI) What are your favorite hobbys off the ice?

(Toews) Hobbies off the ice includes golfing as well as enjoying being outdoors by the water. I do still enjoy playing baseball as well.

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