Saturday, July 26, 2014

Asking The Crowd - Part IV

Do the Islanders make the playoffs this season?  Yes or no, and explain why.

(kcos194) I think the Isles make the playoffs this year because I like the goalie situation and in the NHL you build from the net out.  I like the top 2 D pairings, and I love the signings of Grabo and Kulemin.  I'm excited for camp to see who plays on JT's wing, and KO should have a big year as well as hopefully a breakout year for Strome.  They're deep.  REAL deep, and that gives me hope this year.

(NotMattyMarts) I believe we will make the playoffs this year because we finally have stability in net.  In my opinion, I think the tandem of Halak/Johnson could potentially be a top 5 goalie combo in the league this season.  I also believe that the Isles finally have 4 solid lines of NHL talent.  Lastly, we have a lot of depth with all these small signings by Garth.  This will be an exciting year for Isles fans.  Hopefully, it will have the storybook ending with the last year at the Coliseum.

(NYIslesPride) I see the Islanders making the playoffs in at least a wild card position.  The Isles now have a solid goaltending tandem, they've helped their offensive depth, and with the new upcoming defensive prospects and current players only getting better I can't see why they wouldn't make the playoffs.  I'm looking forward to a long stretch in this last season at the Coliseum.

(MattClausenGoing to start off with “No,” there’s still too many questions regarding the Islanders and the Metro actually looks like a fight. The Isles have stabilized in goal, but defense is the same crew that allowed the second highest number of goals in the NHL last year. Yes, fancy stats tell you that the D, despite major injuries and lost time by many members ended the season “Middle of the road,” there were points our top pair last year was Travis Hamonic and a kid we signed out of college. That’s not a winning formula. The Islanders are also gambling on secondary scoring to magically come back in the form of a duo of guys who played great together 3 years ago but one is a cast off without the other. All this in a division where Washington is itching to get back to relevance (you don’t hire Barry Trotz and Mitch Korn and not expect your D to improve, also they stole 2 key pieces from PIT), the Blue Jackets are the Isles with a defense I actually fear, and it’s only going to get better. The Rangers go as far as Lundqvist goes, always have and will, lottery team without him, team that gets a playoff berth with him. That’s all before the Penguins, who I will say probably finish below the Isles at the end of the day, and the Flyers, who are just annoying if they keep playing Craig Berube hockey. I can see the Isles pushing for a playoff spot, but I can’t guarantee it. Bubble team, if they don’t collectively put their heads up their asses as they tend to do in November.

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