Monday, July 21, 2014

Asking The Crowd - Part 1

Last year, we SaveTheIsles did a series where we asked some Islander fans questions related to the team. Well guess what, its back! 


Do you think the Isles are done this summer, or is a trade coming? If so, name some players that YOU would like to see them get.

(Isles Pride) Follow Here: Realistically I think the Isles are most likely done trade wise but Id really like them to trade for a top 4 dman to help the up and coming defensive prospects.

(Not Matty Marts) Follow Here: I personally believe that the isles are done this off-season. I don't think they will trade anymore. I would love it if the Isles take a chance on Free Agents: Michael Del Zotto and Devin Setoguchi.

(Kcos194) Follow Here: I don't think the isles are done, I think a trade is gonna happen before the season starts. It'd be interesting to see if any teams have forwards go down early in camp and end up trading a D man for Bailey. He's the one "premier" name I'd be okay losing. He needs a change of scenery. Personally I'd like to see Boychuck from BOS or Leddy from CHI here. But Garth has shown he won't overpay and that's good.

(Matt Clausen) Follow HereAre the Isles done for the Summer; I want to say no, but I am going to go against the grind and say no trade imminent. If there were a trade for a D, Chicago looks like the most likely partner and man wouldn’t Niklas Hjalmarrsson look good in Blue and Orange. I have to believe that Garth is trying to work the phones, but I’m not going to bang the drums everyday demanding a trade get finished. This is the quiet season now…if a trade happens expect it in September or October. Garth also doesn’t have a lot of assets he wants to move with high value right now. A guy like De Haan or Hickey, who I say is certainly replaceable in say a Hjalmarrsson deal, isn’t going to get dealt right now despite their values being on the upswing, and Grabner/Bailey have unknown or Negative trade value in my eyes, so it’s not a simple “trade players x and y and boom.” I’m willing to wait it out to serif Garth can get that missing guy on D.

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