Monday, June 23, 2014

Barclays Center Sending Mailer To Islanders Season Ticket Holders

According to Newsday, starting on July 1st, current Islanders season ticket holders will be emailed a video featuring Nets and Barclays CEO Brett Yormark plus a new slogan the Islanders will be using for their move to Brooklyn.  The slogan is, "Tradition Has a New Home."  This hasn't been popular with most fans as they respond with how about putting a winning team on the ice to entice me, or offering discounted LIRR tickets, or the ability to continue paying the current price for season tickets after the move as they do now as things that could be done to entice them to get season tickets following the Islanders departure to Brooklyn.

It is also noted that a potential sale of the Islanders will have NO effect on the teams deal with the Barclays Center.  Some fans had been worried that Andrew Barroway had intentions of trying to break the lease with Barclays Center and attempt to move the team elsewhere.  This should hopefully put those fears to bed.

While I do like the slogan, right now on the surface I have to side with the fans on this.  I will wait to see the video before I really criticize them for it but right now I have a hard time seeing how something like that would entice any fans at all let alone fans like us who have been through what we have been through.

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