Friday, April 4, 2014

RUMOR: Josh Bailey For Sam Gagner?

Recently, a report surfaced on twitter that Islanders beat writer Arthur Staple was on an Edmonton Oilers radio show and while on the show Staple suggested that the Islanders and Oilers over the summer could hook up on a deal that would send Bailey to the Oilers in exchange for Sam Gagner.

This season, Gagner's stats are awfully similar to Baileys with Gagner only having 1 more point.  However, in his career Gagner has had multiple 45+ point seasons, something Bailey hasn't come close to.  Gagner has 2 years remaining after this one at 4.8 million per season.  Whereas Bailey has 4 more years remaining after this one at 3.3 million per season.
If there is truth to this, this is a deal I would probably make because it is your classic change of scenery type deal.  It is pretty obvious in my opinion that Bailey could use a change and Gagner has been the subject of trade rumors for a little while now.   

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