Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Faith Is Fading

Hey New York Islanders, your loosing the season ticket holders!  The fans who spend silly amounts of money on your seats, those crazed fans that you don't seem to care about, they have had enough. 

Why should season ticket holders renew for next season?  There's no faith, no reason to believe that we are making a big splash this summer.  There's hope, but with many doubts.  How about the $3 tickets on stubhub?  Enough to make ANY holder sick to their stomach, with damn good reason.  

So with high prices and a poor product, what's the perk?  Maybe they give good discounts or host great events for all the holders, lies!  It's sad, fans with five game plans often get better perks.  But hey season ticket holders, you get free food vouchers for this weekends game.  Maybe that makes up for the thousands you wasted this season, right.  

For one section in the coliseum, this post is 100% accurate.  After talking with many of them, they are finished.  Why waste $55 a seat when on stubhub, a seat in the same row cost $16? 

I can go on a 5,000 word rant on this subject, but I'll save you the time and the headache.  All I ask is one thing.. 

Can they get a refund? 

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