Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tavares Comes Through For 11 Year Old Fan

Yesterday, a Winnipeg newspaper gave a troubling account of an experience had by an 11 year old Islander fan at the Islanders vs Jets game with his mom last week.

The article stated that the ripping the kid took from Jets fans got so bad that he left the game in tears and scrunching up his John Tavares jersey so Jets fans couldn't see it.

According to Dee Karl, upon hearing the news of this story the Islanders captain knew he had to do something.  So, Tavares reached out to the Islanders PR director to find the young man and his mom.  Upon doing so, he got in contact with them to let them know he would be sending the young man a new Tavares jersey.  On top of that, he said they would get back in contact with them to make arrangements for the pair to attend an Islanders morning skate when they come back to Winnipeg next season.

Great job here by Tavares!

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