Thursday, March 6, 2014

Isles Refused Better Offers For Vanek

A common theme of yesterday's trade deadline, especially when it came to higher priced players getting dealt was that the team trading the high priced player would retain some salary in an attempt to get a better package.

According to Arthur Staple from Newsday, the Islanders were reluctant to do that when it came to forward Thomas Vanek and Bob McKenzie from TSN said this ultimately hindered the Islanders potential return for their star left wing.  McKenzie reports that the Islanders had received significantly better offers from both the Minnesota Wild and the Toronto Maple Leafs then the one they ultimately accepted from the Montreal Canadiens.  However, neither the Minnesota deal or the Leaf deal came to fruition because it would've required the Islanders to retain some of Vanek's salary.

To give you an idea, Vanek is owed in the ballpark of $1,408,000 for the remainder of this season.

This is just another strike against Islanders owner Charles Wang who is already not a favorite among most Islanders fans.  While this is mind boggling, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.


  1. That's not what was reported or written at all, it was a radio discussion rumor.

  2. New York Islander Fan Central is a propaganda machine. Bob McKenzie reported it, who should we listen to, him or Wang/Snow's meat puppet (you)?