Saturday, March 22, 2014

Isles Likely To Keep This Years Pick

According to Newsday, the Islanders are likely to keep this years pick in the draft and send the Buffalo Sabres next years pick in order to complete the Thomas Vanek trade.

The Islanders currently sit with the fourth worst record in the NHL and are just two points from the number two spot.

Next years draft has been the most talked about draft since Sidney Crosby's draft in 2005 following the lockout.  Canadian forward Connor McDavid and American forward Jack Eichel are at the top of this draft class and are 1 and 1a among most experts.

I feel as though unless this years pick is top three the Islanders should send Buffalo this years pick and keep next years.  With them currently in a top 4 position now and having no signs of getting better with their seemingly never ending injury list this is all probably moot anyway.

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