Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Fanbase United

Ever hear your parents repeat the same thing fifty times?  To the point where you want to loudly scream back "WHAT!".  I'm sure you have, and on more then one occasion.  Well, this is basically what being an Islander fan feels like.  The same story, the same complaining, the same push for change, the slinder hope that remains.  The same twitter timeline of endless tweets screaming for a clean house.  The same Facebook comments going on about how much of a joke we are.  The same conversations you have with friends, crying for respect.

We have the fans who tweet in caps, wanting the heads of Isles management.  The ones who try to be reasonable and stay semi professional.  Lastly, the fans who just be sarcastic about everything and everyone, maybe that helps them coat with the truth.  Lets play a quick game of imagination, where the skies are always blue and the kool aid is always poured.  A world where the Islanders are respected, feared and our arena is sold out on a Tuesday night.  What would twitter, Facebook, or normal convos at the diner be like.  The reflection and feeling, it would be a full 360, could we handle it?  Where we work that extra OT at work, to buy those Islander playoff tickets.  The problems that we all wished he had, the problems that I had last season.

This season has sucked, a possible crash back to reality.  Back to the NHL draft lottery days, but this team isn't that far off.  A big upgrade in net and some vets, this team can easily complete.  So lets not loose hope completely, even though it's very easy to do so.  Just need to pray Snow and Wang realize this is the summer they have to do something.  To keep this fan base breathing, they cannot fumble another summer.  To put trust in Wang, well that can be used in a comedy skit.  But hey, do we have a choice? 

The beautiful picture that we have drawn in our head, the one where our captain holds the marvelous cup over his head and plants a kisser.  We're all fans, we all want the same thing, to win.  Yet we seperate in how we show it, or the way words we may use, we all have the same goal.  Just cause one may use caps and loudly express their emotion, does not make it wrong.  Or the fan who keeps quiet and remains well spoken, it doesn't make them less of a fan.  We're all in this together, like it or not.  The coaster of being an Isles fan has never been a kid ride.  It's the coaster of an old wood one, the ride that is rough, bumpy and leaves you with a headache.  The ride that includes the extreme drops, the high and lows, with turns in momentum that seem to last a lifetime.  At the end of the ride tho, we get off, crack a smile with your buddy and say "when we going back on".  Folks the Islander team is our wood coaster, we dislike the bumpy ride, but love it at the same time.  The headache is always worth it and the beeps in the parking lot make it just alright.  

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