Thursday, February 20, 2014

Since When Do The Islanders Care About Season Ticket Holders?

This afternoon, Garth Snow made some critical statements to Arthur Staple of Newsday regarding the IOC and IIHF after the news of the Tavares injury came out.

One thing he said that really stuck out for me was, "Are the IIHF or IOC going to reimburse our season ticket holders now?"

I would like to know when the Islanders front office suddenly started caring about season ticket holders?  Over the last five or six years pretty much every perk season ticket holders had has been taken away and ticket prices have gone up multiple times even with the constant finishes in the lottery.  Today, the perks for Islanders season ticket holders are getting early access to Adventureland and getting one free year book.  Not one free year book for each seat on your account like it used to be, just one in general.  Additionally, they have to deal with the Islanders catering to the general public offering them stuff to try and get them to buy tickets that isn't even offered to season ticket holders at lower prices then what season ticket holders are charged as well.

The Islanders try their hardest and every which way they can think to get people to sign up for ticket plans.  However, after signing up for the plans people aren't given any benefit to continue on with the plans and are pretty much forgotten about by the team.  Before Garth Snow starts wondering if the IOC or IIHF will worry about our season ticket holders, why doesn't the Islanders front office show some concern for them for a change?

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