Sunday, February 9, 2014

Avs Send Isles Limping Into The Break

Tonight, before a jam packed crowd at the Coliseum our Islanders fell 5-2 to the Avalanche.  Here are some of my notes:

-Solid game from Brock Nelson, he played with a lot of confidence tonight which was good to see.

-Good to see Tavares finally get one on the board after going scoreless for an uncharacteristic length of time.

-Nice to see the team finally cash in on some power plays after struggling for a while.

-I know he had an assist tonight but Bailey is an absolute mess out there sometimes, borderline tough to watch.

-Hamonic looked good in his return back which is encouraging.

-It seemed like there was a mini invasion of Nordique Nation at the Coliseum tonight.  If you recall they visited a few years ago to a Thrashers game in an attempt to lure the team to Quebec.  That also led to Garth Snow's quote about how the team welcomes "all fans."  In retrospect at times the group of fans was the most entertaining aspect of what was otherwise a less then stellar game.  There was also a small group of Hartford Whalers fans present to.  For those not averse in NHL history, before moving to Carolina the Hurricanes were the Whalers.

-Once again tonight we failed to put up a 60 minute effort, well we didn't even put up a 30 minute effort tonight let alone a sixty minute one.  With the lack of effort came a familiar result, yet another loss.  I have no idea what needs to be done but something does because this happens way to often.

With tonight's loss the Islanders fall to 8-14-8 at home on the season to this point.  According to Eric Hornick, that is tied for the Islanders second worst home record through 30 games in franchise history.  The 2000/2001 Islanders also had 8 home wins in 30 games and the 72/73 expansion Islanders had just six.  If that doesn't so happen, you like a microcosm of what the season has been like I am not sure what will.

Next Game: 2/27 @ Home vs Toronto

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