Monday, January 20, 2014

The Team of Mystery

The team of mystery, the team called the New York Islanders.  Where one period we can look like Stanley Cup contenders and the next, well look like a pure bottom feeder.  The team that gives every coach and fan the classic third period headache.  The team that plays far better behind then ahead, a pure mystery.

Again this afternoon behind 3-1, they come storming back absolutely dominating the Flyers in the third. Eventually edging the division rival out in a shootout.  This the same team that basically gave away the game in the third on Saturday to the very same Flyer team.  So what gives? 

Who's to blame for the lack of consistency?  The coaches, players or management?  Fans are left scratching their head, over and over.  Confidence is a broad word, but one that means everything to an Islander team.  A team where streaks are the norm, for the good or the bad.  A team who's resume includes some very huge wins, but also has some terrible inexcusable losses. 

So again, where's the answer.  The team of mystery is at it again.  So tommorow night do we wish to be down?  Crazy as it sounds, dumb as it sounds, is that what we need? 

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