Sunday, January 19, 2014

Struggles In Their Own Zone Doom Isles In 6-4 Loss

Tonight, the Islanders ended what would've been a really good road trip on about as bad a note as they could've with a 6-4 loss to the division rival Flyers.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Taking a page from the book of earlier this year and many years passed the team just didn't show up in the third period.  They had no shots on net for more then half the period and only registered 4 by the time the period had ended.  Not only that but after the Flyers took the lead with around 4 minutes left you could tell watching the game they had no fight left and didn't want it anymore.

-This was Kevin Poulin's worst game in a while.  That first goal was a horrible one to give up and his positioning on the fifth goal was simply amateur hour.  I'm not going to get on him to much because of the defense he has in front of him but he has to be better then he was tonight.  There are no if's and's or but's about that.

-The third line was solid tonight, they had a lot of jump and contributed offensively.  There's something about Clutterbuck in those shorthanded situations.  I guess the coaches have realized the error of their ways not having him on the PK sooner.

-The team needs to think about trying to get Bailey to Bridgeport on a conditioning stint because being up here right now isn't doing to much for him.  If that doesn't work I would consider exposing him to waivers in order to send him down because as of now Bailey would have to become pretty much an entire new player to justify the contract he has and I am not optimistic of that happening.

-The first line continues to produce!  With all the negatives about this team it is nice to have a pretty consistent positive with this line.

After how the road trip had went, to end it like this was really discouraging.  With the largest disappointment being their effort in the third period tonight.  It was abysmal and resembled those teams that would be on the road to a top five pick from a couple years back and not one that is trying to battle back into the playoff race.  If the Islanders hope to make any noise down the stretch these efforts can't happen anymore!

Next Game: Monday @ Home Vs Philly

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