Sunday, January 19, 2014

NHL News: John Tortorella Tries To Get Into Flames Dressing Room

These days, in the rare occurrence that you see a big line brawl in an NHL game it doesn't usually escalate into anything beside maybe a couple scrums or a fight or two.

Well, the game tonight in Vancouver between the Canucks and Flames was the exception.

After the game started with a 5-5 line brawl two seconds in that saw four guys on each team get ejected Vancouver coach John Tortorella could be seen at the end of his bench yelling over to the Calgary bench trying to engage their coach in argument.  Well Tortorella didn't just keep it on the ice tonight as after 20 minutes of play the coach tried to fight his way into the Flames dressing room to continue discussing things with the Flames coach.

I don't have huge issues with the line brawl that started the game.  Sure it shouldn't happen but sometimes it will.  However, I do have an issue with Torts here.  I think he looks ridiculous in this video and could definitely face some sort of fine or something from the league because this isn't how a coach should be acting and by acting this way he made the league look bad.

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