Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Has Full Confidence In Jack Capuano

According to Islanderspointblank, on insider trading on TSN last night, analyst Darren Dreger said that the Islanders are willing to be patient with coach Jack Capuano amid the teams struggles.  He went on to say that Garth Snow is taking more of a responsibility for the teams recent lackluster play.  If you recall earlier this month Dreger said that Snow told him that he had no plans of making a coaching change.

I think it is pretty interesting that we were reading things about Capuano's job not being on steady terms and him possibly not having much time left.  However, now after the team finally gets a win, a shootout win mind you everything is fine and Capuano is safe.  I am not sure I buy this as executives give their coaches a vote of confidence all the time in sports.  Sometimes these are a pre cursor to the coach being let go if the play doesn't improve.  I have to imagine that this is what is going on here because even though I don't necessarily agree with a coaching change with all we read I would be floored if one wasn't made unless the teams play improves drastically.  

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