Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snow's Looking For Defensemen

According to Newsday, Islanders GM Garth Snow has been engaged in typical trade discussions with GM"s around the league searching for a defenseman.

The trouble Snow has run into though is that there really aren't any defensemen available at a reasonable price that could come right in and help the Islanders now.  Another thing that is hampering is ability to make a trade is the lack of a big trade chip, according to the article.  

It is encouraging that Garth realizes that its an issue and he is trying to resolve it.  However, the fact that its noted that we lack trade chips because we dealt our first round pick for Vanek is concerning.  The concerning element here is that Garth still seems to be gun shy about dealing any of his prospects.  While having depth in the system is nice, at some point you have to realize they all won't be able to play for you and need to decide which ones are the keepers and then you try and get the highest value possible for the others.

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