Saturday, November 23, 2013

Isles Drop 2nd In A Row 4-3

Tonight, our Islanders dropped their second game in a row by a score of 4-3.  Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Thomas Vanek tonight played like he hadn't missed a step, he looked really good!

-Power play continues to be pretty abysmal!

-Refs were very inconsistent!

-Awful defense on the Penguins third goal by McDonald and Carkner (is that really a surprise?) First, McDonald just stood there and looked at the puck as if he had a magnet that would magically cause the puck to come to him.  After that, Carkner was moved easier then a feather as Malkin drove to the net to eventually score the goal.  Carkner is 6'4 220 pounds, it's about time he played like it!

-It was good to see McDonald get that one back on his goal though.  After that he seemed to have an extra jump in his step which is something for us and for him hopefully continues.

-Horrible defense on the Penguins winning goal.  How in the world do you leave Crosby of all people by himself?

-Poulin didn't play bad at all and actually looked very good at points.  With that said, I think we will see Anders Nilsson tomorrow night for the back end of the back to back in Philly.

-I don't understand how Brock Nelson was scratched tonight and to a lesser extent Aaron Ness.  This team is supposed to be rebuilding so how does benching some of your younger players in favor of older ones who aren't producing make any sense?  Nelson has looked pretty good over the last few weeks, doing a lot more then Regin or Bailey.  Why not scratch one of them and play Nelson?  Especially Regin who probably won't be on the team next season.  While I understand the desire to have size in there with Carkner, defensemen also have to be able to play defense and that is something Carkner has had trouble with.  Ness as small as he is has been better in that area then Carkner has.

Next Game: Tomorrow night @ the Flyers

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