Monday, November 11, 2013

A Million Thoughts

I sit here on my couch doing very little, enjoying the last of a three day weekend. A weekend in which we saw our Islanders drop both their games, coming up pointless on their four game road trip. A trip in which the same problems occurred time after time.

Every fan who watches this team on a nightly basis knows this team is lost, desperately searching for the answers.  We watch a goaltender struggle and a defense often leaving him to dry.  It's like a sad movie that we replay and watch over and over a few times a week.  Nabby won't steal us any games, he plays a strong game when his men up in front do.  Rarely is he capable of bailing us out on a breakaway or an odd man break.  But isn't this that we expected before the season started? 

Yes the defense corp is banged up. The absence of Lubo is glaring, in more ways then one.  Our power play has been lacking, finally breaking the long goalless streak last night.  Then the fans are lucky to watch Mr. Carkner skate about 2 MPH down the ice and get beat looking silly at least a few times a game.  Meanwhile, steady average Radek Martinek sits in the press box watching the sadness fold.  Why?  I wish I knew. 

I sit and watch these games pass, loss after loss.  Often I shake my head and itch for a beverage.  They bother me to no end; I often wonder where was the team I fell in love with in the spring.  That feeling of us winning, and believing every game we can win, no matter the score.  I miss that feeling to no end and I know I'm not alone.  

Was last year a tease?  Did we just get hot at the right time in a shortened season and sneak in?  Now these thoughts fill my head.  And to all I beLIeve, don't get me wrong but I'm not blind either.  There are problems with this team and it leads to my next topic.

The trade of Vanek, I loved it.  To add a star talent and show a sign of life? Sign me up; Vanek and Tavares will do special things.  I loved Moulson but it's hockey, you move on.  For all those calling for Snow's head, how do you know he isn't trying to acquire a dman right now.  Its not like there easy to get, especially one who can play and play well.  

I also see this year on the backend as a trap.  Snow wants to win but he also knows he's loaded with kids.  Next season the likes of Reinhart and possibly Pulock will be on the team.  Also with Pedan and Mayfield pushing for a spot.  It also depends what happens with Amac.  If he leaves during free agency, maybe Snow looks outside the organization for a top 4.

I guess all we can do is watch, we all have last years playoffs in our mind. It's often why there is so much rant on Facebook and twitter.  We all have that team in our minds and so far we've seen a huge letdown.  Its a long season and it's only Novemeber.  The ride will be bumpy, filled with ups and downs but I know we'll stick together through it.  Good luck to us all & Go Isles.  Now I need to find my phone charger before it dies, oops. 

It's not easy something to put a million thoughts on your favorite team into one short blog post.  The struggle..

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